The Golf Club at Vistoso

Course Fly-Over

Hole #1
Prickly Pear

Par 4

A straight forward opening hole with a wide fairway and a fairly level green guarded by a lone bunker.

Hole #2
Double Cross
Par 5

A classic risk/reward par 5.  A dangerous tee shot to the upper right side of the landing area provides a chance to get home in two, while the conservative three shot strategy will leave only a short wedge approach.

Hole #3
Par 3

Most players misclub long on this hole, especially with front pin locations.

Hole #4
Par 4

The key is to lay well back of the namesake mesquite tree which sits in the middle of the fairway about 65 yards short of the green.

Hole #5
Desert Island
Par 4

Avoid the "desert island" to the left side of the fairway and be thankful for a mid-iron approach shot.

Hole #6
Quartz Hill
Par 5

Reachable in two by only the longest hitters, others should play for a safe second shot over the desert wash.

Hole #7
Vista Ridge
Par 3

A shallow green that sits exposed on a knoll requires careful consideration of the wind when selecting a club.

Hole #8
Par 4

Avoid tee shots to the left which will require an approach almost completly over water.

Hole #9
Hidden Green
Par 4

This hole demands a long carry off the tee, but drives in the fairway leave only a short iron to this "hidden green".

Hole #10
Sleeping Snake
Par 4

There is a lot of room to the right of the tree and the bunker which you see from the tee.

Hole #11
Par 4

The strategiacally placed saguaro compounds this hole's length making par a great score here.

Hole #12
Pusch Ridge
Par 5

Don't be tricked into a drive to the left as the right center is the place to be off the tee.  Club carefully to avoid the bunkers on a lay-up.

Hole #13
Devil's Nest
Par 3

Shots hit on the green but short will release to the hole on this firm green.


Hole #14
Par 4

While a well-struck tee shot hit directly at the hole can get you home, a lay-up shot to the end of the left fairway will leave you right at 100 yards from the hole.  A classic risk/reward shot, choose wisely.

Hole #15
Par 3

This long par 3 presents a wide variety of recovery options for golfers who miss the green to the left.

Hole #16
Side Winder
Par 5

A three shot hole for just about everyone.  A good drive will set up a lay-up just short of the wash.

Hole #17
Par 3

The slopes of this green can make it difficult to determine the proper pace on most putts.

Hole #18
Par 5

A good drive just left of the aiming bunker leaves 230 yards to the hole and a chance to get home in two.


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